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Orangeville Flooring

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From hardwood flooring and tiling to luxury vinyl plank and laminate flooring, we have you covered.

A contemporary bathroom featuring a large freestanding white bathtub against a rustic grey wooden plank wall. To the left, a wooden vanity with a rectangular basin is adorned with minimalist accessories. A round mirror with a brass finish hangs above it. Pendant lights with varying shapes and hues of green and white glass hang from the ceiling. A small wooden side table and a long bench with grey upholstery and colorful cushions add warmth to the room. The floor is tiled in large grey slabs that complement the wall, and a woven grey towel hangs on the right, completing the scene.
This image showcases a beautifully designed living room, perfect for highlighting on a flooring store's website. It features durable, light-toned hardwood flooring that complements the modern aesthetic of the room. The centerpiece is a sleek, contemporary fireplace with clear glass that allows a view of the cozy flames, enhancing the warm ambiance. The flooring's wood grain is visible, illustrating the high-quality material and craftsmanship. An eclectic mix of furniture, including a grey sectional sofa and a vibrant yellow armchair, sits atop a circular jute area rug, which adds texture to the room. A large shelving unit displays an array of home décor items, suggesting how versatile this hardwood flooring can be in any interior design scheme. The natural light from the window accentuates the floor's rich texture, making it a prime example of the stylish and functional flooring options available for home renovation and design projects.

Welcome to Our Family!

Orangeville flooring is a family owned business. Together we have 30+ years experience in the construction & renovation business. Our passion for interior construction of a home has led us to help consumers pick the best finishes to make their project or home a special place. We will make sure you have an excellent experience and leave excited to see the final outcome of your project.